Land Designation and Leasing

Instructions on accessing the Land Designation documents:

The Land Designation Referendum was finalized on February 23, 2006.

This referendum sought Membership approval to set aside the lands (Legal Description) described in the information package for the projects listed below and in the Appendix of the Referendum Information Document.

The Land Designation Referendum set aside 10,000 acres of land for the following potential projects:

  • Youth Camp
  • Conference Centre with Accommodation
  • Cultural Centre
  • Education Centre
  • Cottages and Cottage Lots for Lease
  • Marina
  • Multipurpose Arena
  • Small Business and Professional Offices
  • Commercial/Retail Stores
  • Golf Course
  • Roads, Electrical and Other Infrastructure Components

NOTE: These projects are not listed in order of priority.  Project schedules and sequencing are subject to further planning. Environmental Assessments are required for each project once final locations are chosen.

Special Note: Once project locations are established, portions of the 10,000 acres will be de-commissioned and converted back to general Reserve lands.

The referendum results are noted to your right under a) Referendum Results.

The full information document provided to the public is stored on this site under item b) Land Designation Referendum – Information Package on the button bar to your right.

Links to other First Nations who conducted leasing for economic development purposes are also noted on the right  side button bar under  c) Links to First Nation Leasing.