b) Land Designation Referendum - Information Package

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Information Package

Announcement Date:

First Referendum - June 30, 2005

Second Referendum - October 13, 2005

Second Referendum - January 19, 2006

Vote Date:

First Referendum Vote: August 25, 2005

Second Referendum - First Vote: November 24, 2005

Second Referendum - Final Vote: February 23, 2006

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that the Land Designation Referendum Information Document contained on this web site is a copy of the package provided to the Membership. If any errors exist on the pages contained on this site, the printed version shall be considered true and accurate.

Please see the “Additional Information Requests” section for instructions on how to obtain additional original copies.

This information document was brought up to date on October 18, 2005 to coincide with the October 13, 2005 release of the information document noted above. A final vote was held on February 23, 2006. Check the results page for more information.

Band Members Only!! – Please go to the Mailing Address Update Form and make sure that your mailing address is up to date.

This entire package was mailed to the Off-Reserve Membership on October 13, 2005. The Announcement was released On-Reserve the week of October 18, 2005. Members can request additional information via the Band Office or directly from the INAC Office in Sudbury.

Contact Millie Pawis at 705-857-2331 or Diane Levola at 705-522-5100. Only the maps were adjusted for the vote held on February 23, 2006. The maps show the reduced area of 10,000 acres of land set aside for leasing as compared to the 20,000 acres proposed in the August 25, 2005 vote.

The appendix includes the terms and conditions of the land lease along with maps showing the area proposed for designation.

The Henvey Organizational Structure shown on the Henvey Inlet First Nation home page is included in the appendix of the information document.