7th COVID 19 UPDATE - April 30, 2020

To the Members of Henvey Inlet First Nation

Each week, there's always something new to discuss with respect to the pandemic of COVID 19. We are constantly updated by security, and contacted by Band Members about concerns they want dealt with.

  1. Restricted Access (Roadblocks) Pickerel R Rd. and Bekanon Rd.

    Security teams on Pickerel River Road and Bekanon Rd alike have been given new directives as of late, including how to handle intoxicated drivers, off reserve members their spouses and Non-Members.

    But more importantly, we've had to address certain behavior and actions of our security teams. We have zero tolerance for the use of alcohol or drugs while on duty. We expect those tasked with your safety and security to take this responsibility seriously. If the use of alcohol or drugs is evident while on duty, decisive remedial action will be taken. 

    Security is there to provide a very essential service in our effort to protect this community. When you consider if we remove security; what this would mean; the probability of the virus entering our community would be greatly increased, and although there are many that are recovering from this respiratory illness, many also die. We are trying to prevent this. We require everyone's full cooperation to ensure this effort to secure our community is effective.

  2. PetSave

    It's been observed and reported there are a number of stray dogs roaming our community. In response to this concern, this serves as your official notification that Pet Save has been authorized to enter the community and pick up any strays, you may observe them in our community from this date forward at their discretion, meaning they may be here at any time. Any costs associated with recovering pets, will be at the owner's expense.

  3. Food Distribution 

    The next scheduled date for food distribution is May 4, 2020, please contact Lyndy McQuabbie to let her know if you require this assistance. She is available by calling the Administration office on Tuesdays or Thursdays or by private text to (705) 988-4021

  4. Community Clean Up - Please watch for a follow up flyer, detailing of this year's annual community clean up set for May 11, 2020.

  5. Re-Opening the Administration

    On April 9th, we estimated reopening the Administration on May 4th, 2020. The new date being considered is June 2nd. We are now planning how we reopen/staff the Administration office, Health Centre, Daycare, Library, Wagamake Learning Centre and Gas Bar.

Remember if you need to go out, make sure it's for a good reason;

  1. To purchase groceries
  2. Pick up prescriptions
  3. Attend a medical appointment/procedure

Please continue to always practice good hygiene, wash your hands, use sanitizer regularly, and social distance. Your actions affect us all.

CLICK HERE for the .PDF of the 7th COVID-19 community notice