Bekanon Corporation for Community Development 

Two new corporations are set up to manage projects and leases. The first is a not-for-profit corporation to manage economic development activities on behalf of Henvey Inlet Band. It will have a Board of Directors separate from but accountable to Chief and Council and the Band Membership.

Full Incorporation Papers are available for review.

The Corporation's Board of Directors are drawn from Members appointed by the Chief and Council. The Directors serve a three year term at which time the Chief and Council in office at that time can appoint new Directors. Normally, a Director would stay in office until the end of their three year term.

Making the Directors of the Development Corporation subject to appointment by the Band binds Chief and Council and the Development Corporation to a legal relationship whereby the Band Membership can influence the appointment of Directors to the Board. In addition, to protect the interests of the Band Membership in this Corporation, a majority of the Directors must always be Band Members of Henvey Inlet First Nation.

As this Corporation will not hold title to Band Lands nor any authority to lease or otherwise manage Band Lands, it is not part of the legal review necessary to conduct the Referendum.