Table of Contents

Referendum Vote:  August 25, 2005


Both Indian Affairs and the Band are involved in conducting the Referendum Process
Outlines the obligations of INAC and the Band in this process.

Differing Opinions

What is a Referendum?
Explains the overall purpose of a Referendum.

Proposed Land Designation
This section outlines the general intentions of the Referendum.

Specific vs. General Designation
Discusses differences between two methods of setting land aside for development.

Permitted Uses

Band Authority to revoke or amend this designation in the future
This section shows how the Band can make changes to the property set aside for development.

Property Description
General Description of the subject property.

Legal Description
Legal Description of the above.

Narrative Description
Overall description of the outside boundaries of the property.  Appendix AA@ displays the proposed property in Yellow.

Property Leasing and Rental Rates
Explains the leasing rates.

Environmental Assessment Results
Shows the results of the Environmental Assessment conducted in 2002.

Environmental Restoration Fund

Additional Information
Details what additional information is available to Band Members for review.

Additional Information Requests

Bekanon Corporation for Community Development
Set up to manage economic development activities.

Bekanon Lease Management Corporation LTD
Set up to manage leases only.

Bekanon Limited Partnership

Why are Multiple Corporations Necessary?

What are the Benefits?

Best Possible Results?

What is the Worst Case Scenario?

What are We Giving Up to Gain Access to More Jobs?

Additional Risks and Concerns


Appendix A         – Map of Subject Property

Appendix B         – Organizational Structure for the Band

Appendix C         – Sample Commercial Lease