Henvey Inlet First Nation

Specific vs General Designation

There are two types of designations for setting lands aside and each contains different problems and risks. The two types are a “specific” or a “general” designation.

A “specific” designation requires a detailed plan for one project at a time. A vote is then held to seek approval to set aside land for this one project. When only one project is considered the Band Member's consent is clear as the benefits and risks for one project are easier to assess.  A “Yes” vote would support this one project and a “No” vote would cancel it.

A “general” designation defines the outside boundaries of a tract of land with specific activities to be determined later.

As we are conducting a “general” designation it is important that voters understand that some current planned activities may not occur. Other projects that are not currently known could be launched at some future date but would require another referendum. Permitted uses are shown next on page 6.  Schedule “D” in the Commercial Lease attached contains this list.

Special Note: Please be advised that including a project on this list does not constitute “final approval”. Each project is subject to an environmental assessment (that is discussed further below) once final locations are determined.

The main benefit to a general designation is that a community vote is held once instead of holding a referendum vote for each project. The risk to a general designation is that Band Members may not have sufficient information about future activities to give their consent to develop the property. Any future land use must comply with an environmental assessment, which can include public consultation, prior to a project being approved.

Until the Band develops their own land use codes they must comply with Government environmental assessment laws to ensure that environmental concerns are respected. In this case the Crown, as represented by INAC, would consent to projects only after an Environmental Assessment is conducted.

If impacts were uncertain, a more detailed study could be ordered to determine impacts before a future project could continue. 



Membership Code Meeting #2

September 24th, 2023, 1PM

Attend in-person, by computer or by telephone

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Membership Code Meeting

September 19th, 2023, 6PM 

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13 September 2023



Member Ratification Protocol Referendum Community Meeting #2 Sunday 24 September 2023

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Job Postings

Secondary School Bus Driver

Henvey Inlet First Nation is seeking a Secondary School Bus Driver to join our Administration for a temporary, 9-month contract for the 2023-24 school year. The Secondary School Bus Driver reports to the Education Counsellor and is responsible for transporting students of various ages to and from their homes and respective schools in a timely and safe manner and in accordance with MTO driving regulations, Ontario traffic laws and safe driving practices. This position requires excellent organization, communication and customer service skills.

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General Carpenter

Pickerel Contracting Ltd. is currently seeking a full-time General Carpenter to join our team. The General Carpenter reports to the Site Supervisor and is responsible for assisting with construction and maintaining residences and buildings. The General Carpenter will also assist with building, restoring and /or installing of structural woodwork and related materials of active projects. This position requires physical stamina and a strong work ethic. Potential for advancement.

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Adult Education Teacher

Henvey Inlet First Nation is seeking a temporary, part-time Adult Education Teacher to join our Administration for a six-month contract. The Adult Education Teacher reports to the Education Counsellor and is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing an appropriate instructional program in a learning environment that guides and encourages adult students to develop and fulfill their academic potential. The Adult Education Teacher is also responsible for supervising and evaluating students’ progress and understanding of the school board’s curricula while maximizing student-learning experiences. This position requires excellent interpersonal communication skills and strong leadership skills.

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Health News

Notice for Off-Reserve Members 

re: medical transportation

Non Insured Health Benefits image

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Non-Insured health benefits – Program Updates

Non Insured Health Benefits has monthly updates and are posted to their website. Please click the following link to see the monthly updates and changes. https://www.sac-isc.gc.ca/eng/1578079214611/1578079236012

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Medical Van Schedule

For the clients who utilize the Medical Transportation Vehicle, this is a reminder that your appointments are to be booked for 10:00 am at the earliest and 2:30 pm the latest for either Sudbury, Parry Sound or Britt appointments!!!

Appointments will not be added unless between these times!!

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