Additional Risks and Concerns

New Corporations

The down side to establishing a separate corporation to hold the Head Lease to Band Lands for management purposes is the possibility that future differences can develop between Chief and Council and the Development Corporation and Leasing Corporation's Board of Directors. Some may feel that the Corporations are too independent and the community may lose control.

Others may feel that the Corporation is too close to Chief and Council and that political tensions could have negative impacts on the operational activities of the corporations. In this structure we have considered these possible problems and established a legal relationship between the two bodies that minimizes but does not eliminate the possibility of conflict.

Complex Structure

Some may feel that the multiple corporation structure is too complex and not understand the relationship between the Band and the new Corporations.

  • Unknown Environmental Concerns

  • Future activities may have impacts not considered at this time.

  • Disagreement Over Best Use

  • Divisions could spring up over different opinions about the best use of designated lands.

  • Competing Interests for a Lot

Once a lease is granted, this leased lot is unavailable for any and all other uses for the life of the lease. Disagreements could surface about which activity should or could occur on any lot.