Document Purpose

The purpose of this Information Package is to provide factual information about the proposed “designation” of Band Lands for the purpose of leasing.

Each section of this document is presented to fulfil legal requirements for conducting a community vote on whether or not to set lands aside for future development.

Informed Consent

To launch a community vote, the Band Membership must be fully informed about the proposed leasing opportunities and the pros and cons to setting Band Lands aside for future development before holding the vote.  “Informed Consent” means that you must have access to sufficient information about future projects and activities to decide whether you support or oppose the setting aside of land for development.  All of the known information about the proposed “designation” is contained in this Information Package which must be mailed to all Band Members at least 42 days before the vote is held.  On Reserve Members can obtain copies at the Band Office.

This information document will also be presented in an information meeting scheduled to occur on November 3rd at 7:00 PM at the Community Fire Hall.

In addition, an Environmental Assessment Study and the full size survey maps are available for review at the Band Office along with legal papers for the entities established by the Band to support leasing and developmental activities.

Instructions for requesting additional information are stated in the Additional Information section of this document.

Organizational Structure

Please pay special attention to Appendix “B” showing the Band's Organizational Structure and the legal relationship between the Band Council, the Membership, the two corporations and the Limited Partnership entities set up to manage future activities.  While these new entities provide a sound legal structure it is challenging to explain the purpose and function of each entity in a short summary.  Appendix “B” shows how these entities fit into the present Band structure and their legal relationship with each other.