Environmental Assessment Results

In this section we will discuss the status of current developmental plans plus comment on how new development ideas will be considered. An Environmental Assessment is necessary to identify potential harmful environmental effects that any development activity can have on the property, before they occur.  Any future activity on the proposed property will be subject to further assessment. Community consultation to allow input from community members can form part of any future assessment.

A preliminary study was required prior to launching the Referendum. It was conducted in 2002 to gauge the possible effect of a number of conceptual uses including:

  • roads
  • cottage lots
  • kids camp
  • marina
  • golf course

In October 2003, the Study rendered an opinion that negative environmental impacts from the above noted activities were “insignificant.”   Copies of this study are available for review at the Band Office.  Appendix “A” also contains a map of the proposed area.

Any new ideas, whether it be a commercial mall on the highway, a cultural or traditional centre or business activities anywhere on the property, will be subject to either this type of environmental review or a more detailed study which could include the previously mentioned public consultation.

An additional Environmental Assessment was conducted in December 2004 to document the overall current conditions of the lands prior to allowing any activities to occur. Each sub-lease will require that the environmental health of the land be maintained and be returned to the original condition if any damage occurs.  

Ordinary use of the land is expected to cause change and this is not considered “damage”.