Mission, Program, Vision Statements

The Mission of HIFN Daycare is to JOIN families, children with the ESSENTIAL services that will enhance their quality of life and INFUSE a desire for lifelong learning and for young children (31 months-13 years old) a SERENE beginning.

The early learning experience children require must be high quality, wholistic and culturally relevant. Participants are equipped with an individualized support service plan fostering child, youth, family and community development, and is related to family healing and wellness goals.

HIFN Daycare is a committed supporter for children and youth in the mainstream early learning and youth system.

Program Statement

The HIFN Daycare Program Statement ENCOMPASSES the Ojibwa culture, Ontario's research and legislation. The Ojibwa culture is rooted in is a wholistic way of life that EMBRACES a relationship with all living things, animals, two legged, four legged, winged ones, swimmers, etc. Individuals living and walking "The Red Road/Good Life" experience and display joy, celebration and the ability to give thanks.

"Every little thing is sent for something, and in that thing there should be happiness and the power to make happy,
like the grasses showing tender faces to each other this we should do." 

~Black Elk

HIFN Daycare provides social support and educational services to Aboriginal children, youth and their families living in OUR First Nation COMMUNITY, promote success within the mainstream school community and within all aspects of their lives.

The indigenous pedagogical plan is primarily based on the Ojibwa culture and language while respecting and supporting all participating children's languages and cultures. HIFN Daycare believes that it takes a Nation to raise a child and that the Nation is responsible to the child and for supporting the role of the family in ensuring wellness.


Philosophy Statement

  • Positive experience in early childhood set the foundation for lifelong learning, caring & respectful relationships which are the foundation for optimal learning, development, health & well-being,

  • Each child will be treated as an individual & competent contributors with their own interests & point of view.Each child has a sense of belonging when they are connected to others & contributes to their world.

  • Enabling children to develop a sense of belonging as a part of a group is also a key contributor to their spirit, cultural awareness, individuality, & presence are valued.

  • Positive interaction which supports the development of social & cognitive competence & communication skills: which strengthen children's capacity to learn in the short & long term.

  • Every child has the right to be loved, feel secure, cared for, wanted and needed.

  • Above all as educators when we build relationships & work in partnership with families, understand the family's perceptions of their child, & help families know their child from an educator's point of view, everyone gains a deeper understanding.

  • Parents shall be encouraged & invited to take an active part in the Centre's program.

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