New Membership Code Working Group

Membership Code Committee Henvey Inlet First Nation

Our Membership Code was adopted in 1987 and has never been updated. It is urgently in need of review and restatement to keep up with recent developments within our lands, changes in the laws which determine who is entitled to Indian Act status, and to better reflect our culture and beliefs.

Council is seeking volunteers for a special committee to develop a restated Membership Code over a 9-10 month timeline. The New Membership Code Working Group (NMCWG) will consist of 2 elders, 2 adult members, and 2 youth members age 18+ selected by Council – one of each pair shall be selected from members who reside on the reserve, the other from members who reside off-reserve. Through a series of Committee meetings (typically 2-3 per month), update reports to Council, community meetings, and membership surveys, the NMCWG will identify and resolve key membership issues and develop a Restated Membership Code that reflects the values and vision of our First Nation, which will be submitted to the eligible voters in 2022.

There are no minimum education or experience qualifications for Working group members, but the task will involve developing an understanding of complex legislation and issues. Council will appoint the Committee based on suitability to the task. Working group members will receive compensation in accordance with HIFN’s honorarium policy, which is currently set at $250.00 per meeting day, plus authorized expenses.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5:00 pm Friday, August 6, 2021

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