Health Concerns

What are the impacts on health due to noise?

A heated debate about health problems associated from being too close to the turbines is occurring in the media; newspapers, online, YouTube, etc.  

Honestly, there is so much information circulating about health issues that it is hard to know which side to believe.  

The Government is armed with studies that claim that they are safe.

The wind farm opponents are armed with studies and personal accounts of serious health problems from low level noise and exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  

We are advised to be cautious. Currently, the distance guidelines from a home to a turbine is 550 Metres.  It is widely claimed that locating a turbine close to a residence could cause health problems. Some physicians are recommending 1,000 Metres as a cautious distance.

Neither the Ontario Medical Association or the World Health Organization have issued any such recommendations to date, even though wind turbines have been in operation in many countries for over 20 years.

So far, we are complying with the existing mandatory Provincial Government’s rules on the subject. If credible evidence suggests a greater distance, we will consider voluntarily exceeding the current standards.

The north portion of Henvey Inlet Reserve #2 currently identified for the wind farm project is largely uninhabited.