Henvey Inlet First Nation Land Code Committee Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2006

Henvey Inlet First Nation Land Code Committee
September 28, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Meeting commenced: 5:00 p.m
Adjourned:  7:35 p.m


Ken Noble, Consultant
Jennifer Ashawasegai, Land Code Coordinator
Terry Bennett, Communications Assistant 

Committee Members:
Morris Ashawasagai
Victor Ashawasagai
Carrie Lyn Bennett
Sherry Contin
Judy Contin
Genevieve Solomon Dubois
Allan McDonald

Introduction to First Nations Lands Management Act (FNLMA) process delivered by project consultant Ken Noble. Noble briefed committee on roles of Indian Affairs, Federal government, committee and the FNLMA resource centre.

 Two meetings per month were suggested, to familiarize committee with Land Codes and FNLMA process.

 A draft of the land codes will optimistically be developed by the end of the fiscal year (March 31, 2007). Committee members were asked for their commitment to attend meetings regularly. Members agreed.

Allan McDonald asked if legal counsel has been chosen. Noble indicated the band’s lawyer, Bill Taggart could be utilized in that capacity.

Victor Ashawasagai was concerned about arguments from community members. Noble suggested concerns be put in writing, as well as invite the community member to a meeting. Input from all community members is welcome. Committee meetings are open to all membership, and members are encouraged to comment on land codes in development. Noble also explained conflict of interest to committee.

Land Code Coordinator Jennifer Ashawasegai, explained she will not be present for two weeks in October and December due to school commitments.

Ken says invites will be extended to First Nations that have been through the process. Their experiences will be valuable to learn.

Ken also mentioned an Elder in the Sault Ste. Marie area who has been concerned with the wording in the Framework Agreement.  The wording is in respect to surrendering land in the Robinson Huron Treaty, which was never surrendered. Ken says we have to be careful with the wording on this as well.

A power point presentation will be given at the next meeting, as there were technical difficulties for this meeting.

Quorum was established amongst committee members. There will need to be at least five committee members present in order to hold meetings. All agreed.

Finance Administrator, Millie Pawis will be invited to next meeting to share experiences with local management practices.

Next meeting: October 12, 2006 @ 6 pm.