Henvey Inlet First Nation Land Code Committee

October 26, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Commenced: 6:00 pm
Adjourned: 9:00 pm


Ken Noble, Consultant
Jennifer Ashawasegai, Land Code Coordinator
Terry Bennett, Communications Assitant

Committee Members: Community Members:
Eleanor Moses Jamie Contin
Victor Ashawasagai Dmitri Ashawasegai
Judy Contin Marlene Shawana
Morris Ashawasagai  
Alex Ashawasagai  
Sherry Contin  
Genevieve Solomon Dubois  
Allan McDonald  
Carrie Lynn Bennett  

Ken Noble opened meeting, went over committee house keeping. Discussed Terry’s visit to Moose Deer Point and Dokis to meet with Lands staff on both First Nations.

Terry brought back several visual cd’s on the FNLMA process. Ken suggested members take them home and watch.The cd’s are full of information on the Land Code process. The committee will be reviewing some of the Land Codes, as well as the lands section in the Indian Act, as it relates to the project.

Upon reviewing the budget, it was pointed out that only nine committee members are needed for the process, and we currently have ten. After some discussion, it was decided to continue as we are at the present time. All members agreed.

Land Code Coordinator Jennifer Ashawasegai had visited Garden River First Nation in September, and gave a brief report. GRFN goes through each land code individually. They have been in the process for a couple of years, and may be getting close to ratifying their land codes.

Next meeting: November 9, 2006