Henvey Inlet First Nation Land Code Committee

October 12, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Commenced: 6:00 pm

Adjourned: 8:00 pm



Ken Noble, Consultant
Jennifer Ashawasegai, Land Code Coordinator
Terry Bennett, Communications Assistant


Millie Pawis, HIFN Finance Administrator


Community Members: Committee Members:
Elwood Ashawasaga Jr. Kim McQuabbie
Murphy Pawis Morris Ashawasagai
Jamie Contin Victor Ashawasagai
Greg Newton Allan McDonald
Darrell Newton Carrie Lynn Bennett
Marlene Shawana Alex Ashawasagai
Matthew Newton Genevieve Solomon Dubois
Fern Panamick Judy Contin
Raine McQuabbie Eleanor Moses
James P Contin  
Candice Kagagins  
Deborah Newton  
Ed Panamick Sr.  
Jessica Ashawasagai  

Millie Pawis, HIFN Finance Administrator began her presentation with a brief history of the First Nation.The history included highlights on the logging era. Millie stressed the importance of drafting wills. She also relayed concerns families currently deal with regarding this issue. (Wills and estates, Matrimonial Real Property are sections included in the Land Codes).

HIFN will soon be undergoing an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the FNLMA process. Millie expressed her concerns about leased land on Henvey Inlet #2, with respect to raw sewage emptying into HIFN water. A dye test confirmed the contamination.This concern will be addressed in the EA.

Following Millie’s presentation, Ken Noble began his power point presentation. Committee roles were addressed to present community members. Ken briefed community members on the FNLMA process and draft land code procedures, including the land code ratification after a final draft has been completed.

Communications Assistant, Terry Bennett relayed that not all committee members were present at the meeting. Committee members are soon to be receiving letters to verify commitment to the process, and if there were others who wish to assist, to let him know at the end of the meeting. Deborah Newton, Jamie Contin and Greg Newton expressed their interest to sit on the committee.

A community meeting will soon be held to educate and inform members about the process.

Upon the next meeting, October 26, 2006, the Land Code Committee will begin to review the draft land codes provided by the Resource Centre.