Henvey Inlet First Nation Land Code Committee Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2006

Meeting Commenced: 6:00 pm
Adjourned: 9:00 pm


Ken Noble, Consultant
Jennifer Ashawasegai, Land Code Coordinator
Terry Bennett, Communications Assistant

Committee Members: Community Members:
Alex Ashawasagai Marlene Shawana
Morris Ashawasagai Cory Ashawasagai
Victor Ashawasagai Elwood Ashawasaga Jr.
Carrie Lynn Bennett Dmitri Ashawasegai
Judy Contin Matthew Newton
Sherry Contin  
Allan McDonald  
Kim McQuabbie  
Eleanor Moses  
Genevieve Solomon Dubois  

Ken Noble opened the meeting. Ken updated committee on land claims, and how they will not have an effect on the Land Codes, or the FNLMA process.  

The committee was given copies of the Robinson Huron Treaty, and there was some discussion around the treaty.  

Ken provided committee with a Ratification Process Activities schedule. Committee reviewed schedule.

Community member Matthew Newton presented photographs of an area on Henvey Inlet #2 which has been used as a dumping site. Concern over how long that has been going on.  

Land Code Coordinator Jennifer Ashawasegai, guided committee through draft land codes. There was discussion around section Lands and Interests Affected. Committee member Morris Ashawasagai wanted to know more details in respect to ownership of land in conjunction with water ways. It was not known exactly what percentage is owned by HIFN. Jennifer will investigate this issue, and have an answer for next meeting.

Genevieve Solomon Dubois recommended including common law relationships under the spouse definition in the land codes, as it was not included in the original definition. Jennifer said she would include this in the re-vised version of the land codes for HIFN.  

There was some confusion in definitions of Inclusion of Lands or Interests. Jennifer will get clarification for next meeting.  

In Law Making section, the committee felt perhaps Chief and Council had too much to say on the development of laws. The committee thought the community should be more involved in that process.

The committee recommended a member of council be present at all meetings to inform on current processes in respect to land management. Terry will write a letter to Chief and Council with Committee’s request.

Upon further discussion, committee members wondered how Land Laws would be enforced in the future. Is there a budget for this? Is there funding for a by-law enforcement officer? Will be looked into for next meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: November 23, 2006