Land Code Committee January 30 2007 Meeting Minutes

Henvey Inlet First Nation Land Code Committee

Meeting Commenced: 6:00 pm
Adjourned: 8:30 pm


Staff: Jennifer Ashawasegai, Land Code Coordinator, Terry Bennett, Communications Assistant

Committee Members: Morris Ashawasagai, Victor Ashawasagai, Kim McQuabbie, Carrie Lynn Bennett, Allan McDonald, Judy Contin

Community Members: Dmitri Ashawasegai, Elwood Ashawasaga Jr.

Ken Noble, Consultant

Jennifer opened meeting with report on Anishinabek Nation meeting in North Bay on Matrimonial Real Property she attended with Councillors Lionel Fox and Wayne McQuabbie. The Anishinabek Nation is working on a draft law of MRP before the federal government hands down legislation in the spring as promised. It is important for First Nations to have their own laws in place before the government can dictate how First Nations should deal with MRP. The feds are suggesting provincial family law act apply to each FN.

Jennifer asked committee members when they would like to invite a verifier to a meeting to speak on the procedures, as well as variables in the land codes. Also, FNLMA information has been posted to community website, and some committee members still need to hand in bios.

Committee member Allan McDonald is scheduled to chair this meeting. Meeting handed over to Allan.

Community Participation in land use plan. Moved by Victor Ashawasagai. Seconded by Carrie Lynn Bennett.

Council may make laws: Discussion on the word ‘ancillary’. Committee decided to move on, and address this clause at a later meeting after some clarification on wording. Jennifer to investigate.

Examples of Laws: Judy Contin requested for clarification on services. Allan suggested it may mean paying for water services, etc. Jennifer will investigate.

Morris Ashawasagai suggested “Chief’ always be added to Council in clauses. Committee agreed.

Proposed law may be introduced: Committee requested ‘any eligible voter’ be added into clause re: proposing laws. Moved by Morris Ashawasagai. Seconded by Kim McQuabbie.

Tabling and posting of Land Law. Discussion around time frame, and no agreements were made. Clause to be carried over to next meeting.

Public Health and Safety: Committee wanted to add a 28 day clause into this section. Moved by Carrie Lynn Bennett. Seconded by Allan McDonald. Reworded section will be read at next meeting.

Approval of Land Law by Council: Clause to be re-worded by Jennifer and to be read and voted on at next meeting.  Certification of land law: Needs to be re-worded as per Committee. Committee suggested two original copies be made, a land committee member be present and eligible voter be present at certification of land law. Re-wording will be presented at next meeting by Jennifer.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting date: February 13, 2007. Chair: Victor Ashawasagai