1.  I, Scott Jacobs, was present at the Henvey Inlet First Nation Fire Hall on the 13th day of December 2020 when the members of Henvey Inlet First Nation voted on the “Henvey Inlet Windfarm Legacy Trust”. The polling station was opened at 10:00 am and remained open until 5:00 pm of that day.

  2. The names of 770 Eligible Voters appeared on the List of Eligible Voters.

  3. The number of voters that constitutes a majority is 50% + 1 of those that cast a valid ballot or _258_ votes.

  4. The Notice of Vote was posted on October 20, 2020. The First Nation took reasonable steps to locate all Eligible Voters. Voter packages were mailed to each of the 644 on and off reserve eligible voters for whom the First Nation was able to establish confirmed mailing addresses. The mailing was complete on October 20, 2020, which is at least 35 days prior to vote date. An additional 59 mail outs packages were sent to eligible voters who provided address changes or notified the Returning Officer of their address that was not previously provided following the initial mail-out.

  5. The results of the Community Approval Vote are as follows: 

a. The results of the Community Approval Vote are as follows: 467 Mail-in ballots were received b. 59 Voted in person at the polling station;  c. 0 Ballots were spoiled prior to being placed in the ballot box;  d. 10 Mail-in ballots were rejected prior to be placed in the ballot box;  e. 1 Were spoiled during the counting of the ballots;  f. 515 Constitutes the total number of valid ballots cast. 

6. The tally of votes is as follows: YES 508  NO 7

7. Based on the need to meet or exceed the required quorum in item 3, and the percentage of Voters in item 4 above, the “Henvey Inlet Windfarm Legacy Trust” was approved by the membership in accordance with the Land Code.

CLICK HERE for the approval vote results .pdf